Each paragraph of the review has a single, central point that is interesting, original, and
substantial (i.e., topic sentence). Paragraphs are organized, unified, and coherent. The review is
organized and well structured (there is an introduction, a body, and a conclusion). Book
title/author information/publisher/number of pages/price/years published are included in the
introduction. Transitions between ideas are smooth, so that each sentence flows into the next.
Overall, the review aids readers’ understanding of the book content.
Accurately summarizes the main ideas and topics discussed in the book, as well as its
organization. What was the main point(s) the author was trying to get across? What audience is
the author writing for? Gives the reader a feel for what the book is about.
Critical Evaluation
Did you trust that the author was presenting accurate information? Was the information
presented thoroughly, or were details left out? What were the book’s limitations, and/or what
would you like to have seen addressed? What were the book’s strengths? Did the author
convince you of their views, or were there things you were skeptical of? Would you recommend
this book to others if they wanted an unbiased overview of the topic?
Reviews are in APA format, reference page, title page, Times New Roman font, font size 12, 1”
margins, minimum of 5 pages (page count DOES NOT include title page, reference page, or
Minimum of 10 questions and/or points of discussion related to the book. At least 4 questions
include issues related to course content (i.e., research methodology issues).
Grammar and Spelling
Will subtract points for errors in grammar (comma splices, fragments, capitalization,
agreement, etc.) and spelling. So, make sure to always double-check your work.

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