The critical review paper must be written in a proper academic style, in an organized manner, with an introduction which sets out what you want to argue, your “thesis” if you will, a body of paragraphs making up the major portion of the essay and a conclusion which summarizes and ties in the arguments you have made in the essay. You must use footnotes (NO endnotes!). You are encouraged to use direct quotes from the authors of the monographs but you must be careful not to overuse them. Remember, a single relevant quote can be very effective in giving weight to a major point you are trying to make. So use quotes sparingly. As a benchmark, if you use any more than 6 – 8 direct quotes in total the essay will be penalized. Be sure to cite the quotes clearly in your footnotes (SEE DOCUMENT ON FOOTNOTE CITATIONS). Do not use more than 2 or 3 long quotes, if you exceed these limits your paper will be penalized accordingly. Be specific in your essay; refer to specific names, events, places and issues. Do not assume the instructor “knows” which incident or event you are talking about; be absolutely clear to be on the safe side. Do not use a “conversational style” when writing the essay however you may use the first-person form in the conclusion when you are summarizing your arguments

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