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A Precis of Desmet’s Precis on Measure for Measure
Christy Desmet’s idea was to demonstrate how Shakespeare uses lawful problems of the city of Vienna to exemplify the encounters that occurred in English society through justice accomplished by the court of chancery, common law court and ecclesiastical court. The central argument of the author is that traits of Angelo, Duke Vincentio, and Escalus all exhibit the various means employed by the courts to decree honesty and impartiality. He concludes that in the play just like in English society, adherence to one belief of justice has stirred the power abuse menace and failure of the law to protect the inhabitants from rulers’ exploitation. Desmet accomplishes his goal by depicting the true face of a society under pitiable governance dictated by justice at the expense of the innocent subjects. He describes and delineates all the features and aspects of characters such as Duke Vincento among others to allow the audience appreciate the facets of a government that is pursuing one element of justice. Desmet also gives the readers an understanding of the solution troubling the community through Isabel who had several revelations regarding justice.

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