The Figure A Poem Makes by Robert Frost
This thesis begins with Robert Frost being depicted as serious thinker or theorist on poetry and poetics. Frost restructured a single and articulated theory of poetry using his poetic experience .His Poetic experience entails the experience of reading poetry based on present unique style. Frost has been depicted as a poetry writer who uses his most notable ideas and theories to produce a broader poetic theory which resonates with the current values of our mind and cognitive art (Robert, 294).Frost’s ideas on poetry resonate with current knowledge about human experience and understanding. They generally shed light on apparently different aspects of our daily experience. Equally, Frost’s had notable insight ideas concerning the human condition as seen in his theoretical ideas and personified poetic experience.
Robert Frost “The Figure a Poem makes” artistic work
Robert Frosts indicates in his “The Figure a Poem Makes” Poem that his poems were written according to two significant aphorisms. In the first instance, he describes his poetry as “It begins in delight and ends in wisdom.” He describes the significant of this aphorism in capturing the mind of not only the reader, but also for the writer. His second aphorism says “Like a piece of ice on a hot stove the poem must ride on its own melting.”

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