The second source is from a youtube video below this instruction.
Read Vogt, P. (2009). Modeling interactions between language evolution and demography. Human Biology, 81(3), 237-246, up to ‘Some case studies’.
Write a brief essay (500 ± 50 words) that summarises the article and critically evaluates the article’s main contribution. By critically evaluating a contribution, you are expected to answer questions such as: What is the main contribution? Is it a scientifically motivated contribution? Is the contribution controversial (i.e. can you think of other explanations)? Etcetera.
Inside the essay, you should answer the following specific questions (mark the essence of your answers in boldface):
-What are the advantages of AM, ABAM, and ABCM?
-What is the main disadvantage of an ABCM?
-What type of model is the basic SIR model (see

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