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Love is the time of Cholera
In this book, the main characters are Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza. The two characters fall in love during their young age. A secret love grows between the two. They exchange love letters on several occasions (Márquez 39). However, once Fermina’s father comes to know about their relationship, he forces his daughter to stop seeing Florentino. Fermina does not agree with her father’s idea, and that forces the family to leave for another city. Regardless of the distance, Fermina and Florentino maintain their communication through letters. Upon her return, she realizes that her love with Florentino was just a dream as they were practically strangers and this forces her to break up with him and return all the love letters. In the course of her life, Fermina meets Dr. Juvenal Urbino, who gets attracted to her. Fermina did not love Urbino, but through persuasion from her father and the wealth that Urbino possessed, Fermino agreed to wed him. Urbino is a physician who focuses on science, modernity, and progress. His dedication is to eradicate cholera. He is an organized man who values his importance and reputation in society (Márquez 71). Even after Fermina is wedded, Florentino promises himself that he will stay faithful and wait for her. However, his wait is ironic as it does not involve fidelity. Even with all the women, he moves out with; he makes sure that Fermina does not get to know.

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