The Universe Next Door
Marcus Chown
Oxford University Publishers
Pp. 1-191.
‘The Universe Next Door’ is a science fiction book that combines elements of proven scientific facts and fictional imagination. It serves to provoke the mind of students and opens their eyes to the things the mind can accomplish when they think outside the box. Some of the concepts explored in the book have already been discussed in class while others are foreign. The text has an introduction, a short bibliography on the author, and several subtopics that delve deep into the concepts explained in the book.
Marcus Chown
Marcus Chown is both a writer and broadcaster with numerous books under his belt. He also consults for New Scientist Magazine as a cosmology expert. Born in 1959, Chown developed a passion for science at an early age and has done a Bachelor of Science in physics, graduating from Queen Mary University of London with a First Class degree in 1980. He later in 1982 graduated from California Institute of Technology having pursued Masters of Science in Astrophysics. His thirteen known books seek to provoke the human mind to explore the unreal and unthinkable.
Why Pay Attention to Chown?
Marcus Chown in his books, especially in ‘The Universe Next Door,’ tries to link known facts in physics, such as Newton’s law of gravity with the most thought-provoking ideas. His works are meant to provoke the mind to think of possibilities it has not been awakened to before. Many science and science fiction writers go for the scariest thoughts in their works. Chown, on the other hand, explores ideas that are so close to reality that they leave the reader confused and inspired at the same time.
What the Author is writing and What Makes It Interesting

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