5 minute video
Extemporaneous – Golden Ticket Format
I. Intro
II. Body (details – who, what, why, where, when, transition)
III. Conclusion (restate the main points, transition, definitive
Students will create a video presentation to communicate their art (and/or represent their artistic work/voice) via a historical account; a major artistic influence(s); and/or a demonstration of their work.
Visual assets are required – everything is the responsibility of the student. Golden Ticket Format with two oral citations from personal life stories.
Topic concept(s) – A historic account. Students may explore the etymology, or root, of an element of art that most interests them and shares the history. A demonstration of an element of the student’s work process that they may create and teach. And/or an inspirational person or an inspirational work of art that guided
the students to where they are in their work today.
Five minutes – – visual assets required – – everything is the responsibility of the student. Golden Ticket Format with oral citations.
Students will share personal stories, as well as the connections to the work, and how it applies to their current work. All of which allows the student to explore clarification and teaching of their actual artwork and coping with artistic block.
This is a speaking class and this is a presentation assignment. The assignment is talking about choose something (I choose movie) will influence you and your works.
###I am Fashion Marketing and management major student. And create the speech and stories depends on my outlines which how the documentary and movie (I mention in the outline) influenced me and my work (please see the photos that I uploaded) I interest fashion magazine company because of this movie. Talk about how the movie will influences me choose the major (fashion marketing and management) and go to the art school.
Photos is my work, and please the presentation follows the outline.
If you have more questions, please send me the messages.

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