BUS-518 wk 1 DQ 1 Examples of Learners Please respond to thefollowing: Choose two business leaders either living or deceasedand provide three examples that illustrate how they demonstratedleadership characteristics. For each of the people in the chosenexamples compare and contrast the differences between his / herleadership characteristics. Assume that you are a project managerwho is responsible for the oversight of a project team. Take aposition on whether or not you have to be both a leader and amanager to accomplish company objectives. Provide at least threespecific examples to support your response. BUS-518 wk 1 DQ 2Leadership Styles Please respond to the following: The projectmanager typically facilitates the completion of the work assignedto others. Speculate on the main reason why project managementexperience is becoming a prerequisite for high-level positions.Provide at least three specific examples to support your response. Based on your occupational experience determine how a projectmanagers leadership style might affect a project team. Providethree real-world examples and identify the leadership style foreach situation that the chosen examples illustrate.

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