In a 250-300 word response anal analyze how the use oftechnology has impacted organizational communication bothpositively and negatively. How has technology impacted the verbaland nonverbal cues used and entered into per and interpretingmessages? Provide examples to support your position user lease oneresource to support your key points. Offer some additional ideas toothers in the class by responding to at least two of your fellowstudents postings. As an option students are encouraged to utilizea form of communication technology within this discussion considerrecording video messages instead of traditional tax both for yourinitial discussion posting as well as responses to other students.Go to and easy to use free online software that allowsyou to create video and copy and paste links to share with others.Navigate to a register byclicking on Join Now at the top of the screen record thencopy and paste the link to your video into your discussion. Mikeoff

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