List the differences between Terrestrial and Jovian Planets: 2. What feature of the solar system separates the terrestrial planets from the Jovian planets? 3. Write a brief statement that describes the spacing of the planets in the solar system. 4. Which is the smallest of the Terrestrial planets and what is its diameter? 5. Which is the largest Jovian planet and what is its diameter? 6. The Sun is _times larger than Earth and _times larger than Jupiter. 7. The densest Terrestrial planet is_ _times denser than the densest Jovian planet. 8. If you could live on Mercury or Saturn, approximately how many hours would you have to wait between sunrises? On Mercury, a sunrise would occur every_ _hours. On Saturn, a sunrise would occur every _hours. HINT: 9-11 are going to require you to do some math. They are not going to be answers directly from a table. You must think about rotations vs revolution and what determines a day vs a year.

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