You are the senior Human Resources representative in a largeorganization with locations throughout the United States. Thecompany has a long history of taking conservative views orpositions on social issues. However as economic compressionstrengthens the senior leadership in the company recognizes thatthe conservative reputation of the organization is limiting entryin to various markets. The decision has been made to make changesthroughout the organizations approach to these issues startingwith its people programs. Specifically the organization hasselected to approve the offering of health benefits to domesticpartners. Youve been tasked with preparing the roll-out of thisnew initiative to the employees at all locations. Discuss how thiswill impact the organizations diversity training what will needto change? Provide specific elements of how you will handle theconcerns of current employees over this new direction theleadership is taking. Finally how will you personally balance thisshift in the organizations direction with your biblicalworldview?

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