Which factors affecting the accuracy of the position of the receiver? Explain in details (5) – Keeping in view the current technological advancement. How to determine the size and shape of the earth? Why earth is represented as an ellipsoid? Explain with example? (5) A low Earth orbit Satellite is revolving around the carth at an altitude of 800 km. What is the angular velocity of such a satellite? If the equatorial radius is twice the radius of the pole, what affect will be on the satellite? Calculate the acceleration and velocity of the satellite? Consider the carth as a WGS84 ellipsoid. (5) The satellite SV05 is located at (45651.58645669292 il, 23059.6120734908 ft. 71048.5027034121 ft). Convert XYZ ECEF satellite coordinate to WGS84 ellipsoidal coordinate. Rotate it into a local North Fast, Up frame (local e, u topocentric frame at latitude 40N. longitude 86W. Compute the azimuth and elevation angle of SV05 satellite. (10)

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