What is one of the simplest checks for overall mobility, and is commonly used by USA weightlifting for athlete preparation, and to test readiness for the snatch specifically?

Apley’s test
Toe touch test
Overhead squat
Sit and reach flexibility test
66. While performing a reverse overhead medicine ball throw, how long shall the athlete pause in the semi-squat position before powerfully standing and executing the throw?

One second
Two seconds
Three seconds
Five seconds
67. Regarding the scope of practice for nutritional coaching, which of the following statements is correct?

Laws and ordinances do not differ from state to state.
OSHA outlines nutritional coaching restrictions by state.
Nutritional coaching is outside the scope of practice for strength and conditioning professionals.
Practice location changes the level and type of nutrition recommendations a trainer can offer clients.
68. Proteins containing enough essential amino acids to maintain the body’s normal growth rate and body weight are called

required proteins.
essential proteins.
complete proteins.
functional proteins.
69. Which of the following, via intake, offers the most direct control over blood sugar levels and energy availability on a high-demand basis?

70. What is the conduit via which the neurological system operates?

Fat-soluble vitamins
Macronutrient balance
71. How many liters of water are estimated to be lost per day, through defecation, respiration, perspiration, and urination?

Less than 1
Roughly 2.5
At least 4
Approximately 5
72. The breakdown of glucose to form energy is called

glycemia. How do we visualize axons, dendrites and synapses in neurons? b. What are the landmarks for craniotomy in order to guide the surgeons to the right position of the brain.

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