Describe the events that occur during interphase. B. Complete or respond to the following statements: 2. 3 Division of the _1 is referred to as mitosis. Cytokinesis is division of the _2. The major structural difference between chromatin and chromosomes is that the latter are_3_. Chromosomes attach to the spindle fibers by undivided structures called 4 If a cell undergoes mito- sis but not cytokinesis, the product is _5_. The structure that acts as a scaffolding for chromosomal attachment and movement is called the 6-7 is the period of cell life when the cell is not involved in division. Three cell popula- tions in the body that do not routinely undergo cell division are 8_._9_, and _10 5. 6 7. 8. 9. 10. + Plasma cells are key to the immune response because they secrete antibodies. Given that antibodies are made of which membrane-enclosed cell organelle would you expect the plasma cells to have in abundance? Why? Name which organelle you would expect to play the largest role in decomposition of the human body. Why? + Some antifungal medications work by blocking DNA synthesis in the fungal cell. Describe where in the cell cyd nounces of this early termination of the cycle.

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