Why are fats and lipids insoluble in water? The majority of their bonds are nonpolar covalent carbon-to-hydrogen linkages. They are less dense than water. They exhibit considerable molecular complexity and diversity They are hydrophilic. The majority of their bonds are polar covalent carbon-to-hydrogen linkages. All of the following characteristics would make a species more prone to extinction except the need for large territories low reproductive rate O fixed migratory patterns small body size O specialized niche CLOUD DUO/quizzes/618932/take Question 30 2 pts What process is being described in the figure below? Walleye Rainbow Smelt Total PCB (gig dry weight) Yellow Perch Alewife White Sucker 1 Phytoplankton Amphipod Zebra OLM 8 14 16 10 N enrichment biomagnification bioaccumulation bioremediation biotoxification None of these answers are correct

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