How can the regulatory framework take into account the cocktail effect Le that the general population are concurrently exposed to multiple substances with potential endocrine disrupting effects that may enhance or counteract each other? ssessment must take into account cocktail effects. There is a need of priority tools to identify the most contributing compound in the mixture”. An option may be to add an extra uncertainty factor? How can Nordic Managers impact EU legislation concerning EDs, in particular, most efficiently? The Nordic Syneryy eifect! Support each other’s actions! Presenting new scientific knowledge! When the criteria for EDs are established, how should they be implemented in other areas than pesticides/biocides? An rrey Shoutu itten in the guidelines for risk assessment. It is important with more scientific knowledge and there should be exchange between different areas. Question: Are the costs for replacing/substituting some of the EDCs proportional to the benefits for health and the environment? Could the limited resources be used in a way that increases health more?

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