What is the physiology and pharmacology of Ghrelin (this includes the peptide production, physiological action, and termination of action)?

How is Ghrelin peptide synthesized?
How is Ghrelin peptide released? (e.g. What stimulates/inhibits release of Ghrelin peptide?)
What receptors does Ghrelin peptide interact with? What type of receptors are these?
What are the consequences of that interaction? (e.g. Is Ghrelin peptide an agonist, antagonist, or allosteric modulator? What signalling pathways are affected when Ghrelin peptide binds to these receptors?)
How are the actions of Ghrelin peptide terminated?Describe the histological organization of skin. In your answer refer to how the different types of cells and tissue contribute to the function of this organ.

Describe the histological organization of both The thymus and the lymph Node, including any features which distinguish the organ from other lymphoid organs. In your answer refer to the relationship between the organization of the cells and tissues and the function of the organs.

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