write a definition essay on one of the following topics below or choose your own topic to write about. Remember the formula to help you write a thesis statement: What is being defined + definition + examples = thesis.examples:Define a negative quality such as envy dishonesty or jealousyDefine apositive quality such as loyalty consideration responsibility compassion dedication or respectDefine agood job/ bad job compare/ contrastDefine aoperation or product that is important in the work you doDefine an ideal such as ideal friend or the ideal neighborDefine a type of person such as a worrier or a show-offDefine asocial concept such as equality opportunity or discriminationDefine asocial problem you have witnessed such as homelessness physical or mental abuse apathy or povertyDefine an important play or strategy in a particular sport or gameDefine a condition such as autism attention deficit disorder or alcoholismDefine relaxation fun or happiness

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