Turn in a two to three page paper that addresses the following topics. Be sure to answer in your own words!1. (Rev 2/11) Describe in a qualitative way what Maxwells Equations mean. Relate your discussion to the following simulation of an electromagnetic wave (See Background Information).Fendt W. (1999). Electromagnetic wave (demonstration). Retrieved on March 1 2008 from http://www.walter-fendt.de/ph14e/emwave.htm2. (Rev 2/11) A hundred years before Einstein Maxwells Equations provided good evidence that the speed of light should be a constant with respect to all observers. How?3. Explain how you could find the frequency of an electromagnetic wave if you know the wavelength and the velocity of the electromagnetic wave.In general Cases are expected to possess the attributes of precision clarity breadth depth and critical thinking. Not all of these are relevant to the answer to every problem in the case. When it is relevant the evidence for each attribute is as follows.

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