Solve this pseudocode problem and provide your answer for the values of d e and f:start Declarations num d = 4 num e = 6 num f = 7 while d > f d = d + 1 e = e 1 endwhile output d e fstopThe Howell Bank provides savings accounts that compound interest on a yearly basis. In other words if you deposit $100 for two years at 4 percent interest at the end of one year you will have $104. At the end of two years you will have the $104 plus 4 percent of that or $108.16. Write the pseudocode for a program that accepts an account number the account owners first name and account owners last name and the account owners bank account dollar ($) balance. The program operates continuously until an appropriate sentinel value is entered for the account number. Output the projected running total balance for each year for the next 20 years.Be sure to use modules in your solution

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