Chamberlain College of Nursing

Reflect on the knowledge and skills attained from personal educational development.
Reflection Upon the Capstone Project and Professional Development
Arriving at the Final Destination
Now you will have a Master of Science in Nursing degree!
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Reflection Upon the Capstone Project
Throughout this course, you have concentrated on the Capstone Project. First, you shared your Capstone Initiation Project, which laid the foundation for the actual project. The Capstone Initiation Project represents your scholarly contribution to the nursing profession. Next, you wrote the project introduction, followed by the literature review
Barriers to the implementation of the project may have been encountered.

Evidence-based research has guided your practice, just as a navigation system can guide you when taking a journey.
Professional Development
Once the Capstone Project was completed, you presented it to your peers. This was just a preview of how scholarly presentations could contribute to your professional development in an advanced nursing role. In the future, you will continue to advance your knowledge level by attending professional meetings and conferences. These professional meetings and conferences provide opportunities for scholarly and professional presentations.
What an amazing accomplishment—completion of the MSN! Congratulations to you on this achievement. May you continue to contribute to the profession of nursing through your new advanced role in nursing.
Will the journey stop there, or is there more to plan for? Only time will tell!

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