ReadJohn 13-21and make a note of a number of the details you read that you do not remember seeing in Matthew Mark or Luke.EXAMPLES:In John 13 Jesus washes his disciples feet Peter at first refuses Jesus explains its necessary and then Peter accepts. In John 13:12-17 Jesus uses this as an opportunity to teach his disciples to serve others John 13:18 quotes a Scripture that was not quoted in Matthew Mark and Luke In John 13:26 Jesus identifies which disciple will betray him In John 13:34-35 Jesus gives a new commandment: loveIMPORTANT NOTE: YOU DONT NEED TO GET VERY DETAILED JUST DO IT LIKE IN THE EXAMPLES FOR EACH OF THE CHAPTERS. THE ASSIGNMENT MIGHT BE AROUND ONLY 1 PAGE WRITTEN.I NEED IT URGENTLY FOR TONIGHT AT 20:00PM 02/19/2013. UTC -5:00.

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