Please conduct a SWOT analysis ona Fortune 500 company from the perspective of the CEO and share your analysis. Note that your SWOT should be detailed and identify a minimum of three elements for each category. Any less is not a thorough analysis. Something else to keep in mind is that (threats) are elements you have no control over. Often I see these mixed up with (weaknesses) which you do have control over. For example; a hurricane destroying your building is a threat. A competitor is a threat. Having your location robbed is a threat. A weakness might be staff turnover employees steeling from the company not having the finances needed to run the business etc. I hope this helps as you work on your organizational analysis.Besure that you list a minimum of three to five elements for each category of your SWOT. Be sure your paper includes a cover page with your name on it page numbers double space and is in 12 pt in arial courier or times new roman.

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