Please answer the following application essay questions in detail.1. Assume that you are now the CEO of the organization on which you completed (or are completing) the strategic audit for this course. In terms of strategic management how will what you learned in MGT 527 help you manage this company? Discuss fully and be specific.2. Why and how are the following an integral part of the strategic management of an organization i.e. strategic planning strategic execution and strategic control? Discuss each fully and separately. Be specific.A. Crisis ManagementB. Quality ManagementC. EthicsD. Change ManagementE. Organizational DNA3. On page 271-272 Parnell (4th edition) discusses the interdependency of strategy and structure. Pryor recognizes the interdependency but like Chandler Pryor believes that strategy drives (should drive) structure. Discuss (defend) Pryors position on this matter.

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