#includeusingnamespacestd;class Airplane{ public: voidset_altitude(doublenew_altitude); private: double altitude; //double speed;};int main(){Airplane myplane;myplane.set_altitude(1000);return 0;}void Airplane::set_altitude(doublenew_altitude)// :: scope resolution //setter mutator{altitude = new_altitude;return;}//Write a class for an airplane class with constructors interface (mutators and accessors)// and a test driver (main). It should be able to change altitude (updown) and speed.//The constructor will set the altitude to 0 and speed to zero and longitude and latitude//to Boston Massachusetts. The overloaded constructor will set longitude and latitude//to some numbers. If the altutude ever falls below 0 the change altutude function should//announce the plane had crashed and the program exit. Will be checked in class

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