I. The text discusses Alpha and Beta Risk. Please explain these terms in relation to Quality Control. What is meant and how are these terms used? Why are they important? Please be sure to include your References. (400 words) II. 1. Explain the difference between Preventive and Corrective action. 2. Identify Explain 4 major categories of Quality Costs3. Please create a Diagram of a Quality System which includes feedback loops. 4. Write a short paragraph explaining each element of your Quality Model. (400 words)III. 1. Please explain the requirements of an ISO 9000 approved Quality Management System. 2. What is the key theme or idea behind ISO 9000? 3. What is beneficial about the ISO certification process? 4. What is potentially detrimental about the ISO 9000 certification process or maintaining an ISO 9000 certified program? 5. Explain the Documentation Structure of an ISO 9000 Quality System. (400 words)NOTE: I need a Plagiarism free work and will check it before I buy the answer

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