Given the following reactionuse Stoichiometry to answer the following questions:4Fe (s) + 3 O2 (g) 2 Fe2O3 (s) H = -1.65 x 103 kJHow many mol of O2 are required to form 3.20 mol Fe2O3?How much heat is exchanged when 14.3 kg of iron (Fe) rusts?How much (g) of rust Fe2O3 is formed when 200. kJ of heat is released?Calculate the standard change in enthalpy Hrxn for the decomposition of calcium carbonate to calcium oxide: (Sample Problem 6.10)CaCO3 (s) CaO (s) + CO2 (g)Given that:Hf CaCO3 (s) = -1206.9 kJ/molH CaO )s) = -635.1 kJ/molH CO2 (g) = -393.5 kJ/mol

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