For your behavior change program to succeed you must set meaningful realistic goals. In addition to an ultimate goal set some intermediate goals and milestones that you can strive for on the way to your final objective. For example if your overall goal is to run a 5K road race an intermediate goal might be to successfully complete 2 weeks of your fitness program. If you set a final goal of eating five servings of fruits and vegetables every day an intermediate goal would be to increase your daily intake from two to three servings. List your intermediate and final goals in the assignment box. Dont strive for immediate perfection. Allow an adequate amount of time to reach each of your goals.Example:Intermediate Goals (include target date for achieving the each intermediate goal)Goal 1 _______ (date)Goal 2 _______ (date)Goal 3 _______ (date)Goal 4 _______ (date)Goal 5 _______ (date)

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