First visit the UNs website: discusssome or allof the following: What issues or themes immediately captured your attention while reviewing the UNs website? Do you believe that the United Nations is still a relevant and influential international organization in our world today? Why or why not? Presented another way is the UNs role in our worldincreasing or is itdiminished? What aspects of U.N. governance do you think should be changed or revised and why? So far has the U.N. Security Council responded appropriately to Iran and/or North Koreas nuclear programs? Should the U.S. always have the support of the U.N. Security Council before taking military action against another nation? Provide a rationale for your answer. Should the United Nations take an increased role in enforcing and protecting Human Rights throughout the world (as was the case in Libya)? Orwould such action constitute a violation of a nationssovereignty?

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