Exercises from the book financial and managerial accounting the basis for business decision 16th edition by williams haka bettner and carcelloChapter 3:Brief Exercise 3.1 (pages 117-118)Brief Exercise 3.3Brief Exercise 3.5Chapter 4:Brief Exercise 4.3 (page 166)Brief Exercise 4.4Brief Exercise 4.5Chapter 5:Brief Exercise 5.1 (page 216)Brief Exercise 5.3Brief Exercise 5.4Chapter 6:Brief Exercise 6.1 (page 270)Brief Exercise 6.3Brief Exercise 6.5Exercise 1.16 (page 34)Exercise 2.16 (pages 68-69)Exercise 3.15 (page 125)Exercise 4.15 (page 171)Exercise 5.15 (page 224)Exercise 6.15 (page 275)Exercise 7.15 (page 324).

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