Discuss the importance of communication in nursing.

reflective essay on person-centred communication in nursing
there will be a scenario, you can change on it in way that will help you to write. an reflect on it. try to use the up-dated references.

From the module description
A five thousand word processed assignment on theoretical, ethical, professional and practical perspectives associated with person centred communication skills and approaches

You must complete a five thousand word assignment, which illustrates your knowledge and understanding of the communication process including its application to clinical practice. The assignment will include exploration and discussion of theoretical concepts, practice models and approaches as well as relevant ethical considerations including the awareness of self.



Below, I have outline guidelines for your essay. This is not an exhaustive list of what you should include in your essay, it is some of the points you should consider when writing your essay and a suggested structure to use.
I have listed my ideas for what can be included in each section. This is not to suggest the order in which to include information, or subheadings for sections of the essay.

For the introduction, you should identify the area of practice in which you work and the use of person centred communication (PCC) within this field.
Discuss the importance of communication in nursing. Why do nurses need to communicate with patients and colleagues more effectively? Consider this in relation to the evidence on communication in nursing. Are nurse’s effective communicators? Do they communicate sufficiently with patients?
What are the positive aspects of PCC, How does it enhance patient care? Relate this to evidence of its application and effectiveness.
Relate the reasons to the literature, local and national policy. The Code of Conduct for nurses, our accountability and duty of care to our patients.


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