DBM 381 WEEK 2 INDIVISUAL ASSIGNMENTIndividual assignment :ERD and Database FileComplete Service Request SR-ta-001: Scheduling System Database.Note. This course utilizes the Virtual Organizations an Apollo Group Inc. learning tool. The Virtual Organizations portal is accessed from the link on your course materials page.Write a 300- to 350-word memo to the Technical Services/Logistics Manager at Taylor Ambulance explaining the following:The design you will useHow your electronic solution will cover their needs from a management perspectiveCreate a detailed ERD using the Entities and Attributes document provided with the Service Request.Create a Microsoft Access database using the ERD created above. You do not need to include keys and relationships at this point. Include the following:Tables with appropriate data typesDescriptionsFormatMaskingSubmit the ERD memo and Microsoft Access database file to your facilitator.

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