Assignment 1: Incorporating SourcesTo complete this discussion assignment choose one of the sources you will be utilizing in your final paper. Then using one passage from that source provide an example of a quotation an example of a paraphrase and an example of a summary from that passage. Be sure that the passage you have chosen is at least 75 words. Its important to use the same passage for your quote paraphrase and summary so we can compare how each source use method works with the same information. Provide an APA formatted in-text citation for each of your source use examples and a reference list citation for the source you used in your examples.Then in a separate paragraph of 150 to 200 words discuss how you perceive the differences between quotations paraphrases and summaries. When would it be appropriate to use each of those methods? How will you incorporate quotations paraphrases and summaries in your own paper?

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