an unconscionable contracta contract that contains a broad non-compete clause preventing someone from pursuing a profession or occupationa contract that contains a broad release of tort liability for intentional or reckless acts that cause harm to anothera contract that requires obstruction of justiceall of the aboveThe following contracts are often made illegal by statutegambling contractsSunday contractsusurypracticing a profession without a licenseall of the aboveIf a contract is deemed to have an illegal purpose thenit will be voidable by either party at his electionit will be void and unenforceableit will be enforceable if both parties agree to be bound anywayit will be enforceable at the option of the judgeit will be avoidable by the party to whom it is unfairA contract term stating that the written agreement contains the parties full understanding and intent is known as _____.implied contractmerger clausemain purpose doctrinereformationnon-disclosure clause

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