1.) You must choose a posting of corporation in each of the following countriesa.) Germany b) Japan c) United States2.) The 3 jobs postings selected must satisy the following requirements; Each posting must be for a similar positionForexample job openings for an accountant secretary and a director of marketing will not be accepted. It would be acceptable to choose for example a director of marketing position from each 3 corporations.3.) Once you have found the 3 job postings that meet all of the requirements above you are to apply for each one.4.) Prepare 1 of the following for each job postings as if you were submitting a real appliciation.1). an email with a statement of interest ( 150-200 words) 2) cover letter ( 500-800 words) 3). Resume ( 250-300 words)5.) Provide the link to each job posting.

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