aw homework help Two page for both You are encouraged to use the library as a resource for this assignment. Note: This assignment will have 2 parts. Part 1 As a security manager, address a memo to key stakeholders in industries that are associated with your place of employment. You will discuss some of the major challenges facing the field of homeland security (HLS). Include the following: Essential problems of protecting the border and transportation Essential problems of protecting critical infrastructure Fundamental problems for first responders Part 2 Following up on your memo, pick a root problem in HLS, either a critical vulnerability or threat. Draft a business plan identifying an emerging technology, or describing characteristics of a future technology that will be capable of solving the problem. Discuss the following: Detail the issue or problem. Identify and describe the solution (or future technological solution), and explain how it solves the problem. Discuss the financial, legal, and ethical implications of such a solution. Make certain that your solution does not violate physical laws. Support your arguments with authoritative sources, and apply appropriate APA formatting guidelines. View the Webinar, available in this week’s M.U.S.E., for assistance with your assignment.

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