Describe TWO situations that can lead an organization to revise its sales territories. (4 mks)

b) Explain how you can use the concession close method to close a sale (2 mks)

c) Outline the usefulness of sales forecast information to the sales and marketing department (2 mks)

d) Explain how a sales person can use the following to reduce the risk buyers face when purchasing products.

I. Product guarantees (2 mks)

II. Product demonstrations (2 mks) III. Reference selling (2 mks)

e) Under what circumstances would you use the following methods of overcoming objections from a potential buyer? ? Question the objection (2 mks)

? Forestall the objection (2 mks)

? Turn the objection into a trial close (2 mks)

? Agree and counter (2 mks)

f) Explain the importance of qualifications of prospects in the personal selling process (2 mks)

g) What is the relationship between sales and marketing (2 mks)

h) Outline the circumstances under which you would use the following personal selling strategies

Systems selling strategy (2 mks)

Features selling strategy (2 mks)

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