Describe two difficult incidents or challenging situations that you experienced during your internship. The difficult challenging situations that I have experienced during the internship were at the Veranda restaurant and the Learning and development office. Firstly, I have difficulty to adapt myself from an undergraduate into the professional commis at the world top five star hotel’s, to be worked the Veranda restaurant. I need to learn and memorise the restaurant’s menus, name of the cutlery that I havn’t been using before, to get to know all the employeesand trainees, learn new manners and how should we deal with each of our guest and approach to our guest and also living in the Bangkok city which have one of the most difficult transportation. Secondly,the difficulty in the Learning and development (L&D) office is that the during the time that I’ve work is the low season in Bangkok which it is a good opportunity for the hotel and the L&D department to train and set big events for the staff such as the Walk Rally and L&D workshop in order to strengthen the relationship between co-workers and develop professional skills. L&D department have to contact many other departments within the hotel in order to get in touch with each employees. During the April, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has choosed Mandarin Oriental Bangkok to run the L&D workshop conference which more than 20 of the L&D managers of Mandarin Oriental Hotel around the globe will come to the hotel to have conference for a week and during those time our department’s job were to set the delight events to welcome the managers and run the workshop. 2. Explain how you dealt with these situations and the impact your actions had on the other parties (customers, line managers, colleagues…) After a period of 2 first weeks, I have settled myself in an adaptation environment very well. The assistance from co-worker have aid me to go through the challenge without a doubt. I get to know every staffs willingly, we play soccer every weekend. The chiefs have given me a lot of great guidance in term of servicing each guest. The manager has taught and inspire us to work. Overall the professional environment in the restaurant has automatically turned me into one of the professional. Every problem has been solved by the guidance and the training by the management team and the managers. Due to the small number of employees in L&D department, I get to know and close to each staff member very easily. Our team have a great team work, my trainer trained and taught me very well which allow me to get the job done very fast and efficient. The L&D team including me and other department within the hotel have put in large amount of effort to plan, set and run this big event. We have worked overtime to get the plan done before the workshop started. It is very fun to work and to get such sastisfaction from the L&D managers is one of the best thing I would’ve ever imagine. 3. Identify alternative actions that you could have undertaken which would have possibly improved the outcomes in these situations. I could have copy the menu and study it after work to memoris the dishes. There is 2 menus in the restaurant which included the breakfast menu and the dinner menu, wine and beverage menu should have also done the same. This will allow me to learn the menu more quickly as in the working time I can not manage to learn the menu. I should have stay close more with the managers to get their advice, understand their point of view and gain more lesson from the expert’s experience. After the week of conference event, the L&D workshop conference was announced as one of the best workshop that have ever before by all the L&D managers. The event sastisfied every manager by delight welcoming events, lots of surprise and the assistance of the event from every department. There is nothing could have done better. Part 2 : IMPROVING PERSONAL OR INTERPERSONAL SKILLS OVER A PERIOD OF TIME ( about 500 words) 1. Identify four (4) of your strengths and two (2) of your weaknesses that you experienced during your internship. Describe them in a working context. The strength that I have gained during this internship are the teamwork between co-worker, the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok team have taught everyone work collaborately to each other allowing their united effort to turn the hotel to be one of the leader in the world. Professional workmanship, the hotel have host many big world class events and service has been excellence for over centuries, being in the professional environment have gain me this strength. Company knowledge, the company have set many hospitality training for the staff, as a L&D trainee I have to attend to every meeting. The weakness that I experienced are the lack of effort, I have put most of effort at the first start of the internship and during the end, sometime I have not put enough amount of great effort into work but at the end I have improve myself brought out large amount of effort. Other weakness is that I should have take the internship longer as I only do it for 5 months. I have not learn enough and there is a lot of things that I have missed. 2. List specific actions / alternatives that may help you to improve these weaknesses. a. Set a statement, I should set a statement and point out my objective of what i should gain from this internship to allow me to learn everything I should or wanted to. b. Maximise internship period, This first internship I have taken only 5 months and have not learn enough but the the next one I will take longer than 5. 3. Determine a plan (actions and deadlines) that will keep you committed to this period of self-coaching. To set a statement won’t take long time for the action. I will only need to know which position/department I’m going to working in and set the objective of what I need to learn from the position/department. 4. How would you be able to fairly and accurately evaluate your improvements ? I would be fairly and accurately evaluate my improvements by the feedback of the co-workers. According to the exit interview with the Assistance L&D Manager. He has asked an tell me about my strengths and the weaknesses, what I have gained and what I have not gain, he has also asked what do I want to learn more from this internship. The Assistance L&D Manager have also evaluate my improment as at first of the start working I do not know the staff very well which cause me and the team communicate not very well but at the end after I have feedback from the L&D manager of how to work with the team, I have improve myself dramatically and efficiently. The Assistance L&D Manager and the team have been work with everyday during the intership period. The comments and the feedbacks from the co-worker are one of the most reliability evaluate of my improvement. APPENDICES 1. Copy of work certificate if applicable 2. Copy of a monthly salary statement. 3. One brochure of the establishment with valid room rates Your project must contain the following 3 parts: 1. A copy of your written report 2. A copy of your evaluation 3. Your appendices, brochure, pay slip and work certificate if applicable The evaluation must be handed in at the same time as your report, no exceptions will be made. DEADLINE: Monday of week 2: Each class will be allocated a time slot, to hand in their report to the Academic Office. N. B. If you fail to submit your report and any of the other requested documents within the given deadline, you will be given a FAIL Students who are repeating their semester still need to submit their reports by the given deadline above, Monday of week 2 The report remains the property of GIHE. We suggest you prepare a second copy for your records.

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