You will note that in the chapter entitled “Tools of Sociology” it is clear that sociology is normally considered a “social science.” However there is a great deal of sociology that fails to meet the tests required for truly scientific subject matter. Most of us assume we know what “science” IS. After all we live in a sea of it today. But do we really know what it is in an academic sense? Click on the following link for some key points about modern science from one of the author’s web pages. Note that there is a great deal of “pseudoscience” proffered today in advertising and the media. Pseudoscience has the look and feel of valid science but fails to meet one or more crucial tests for good science. To find out more click on: Now, in your own words, distill the information from these two websites into a summary explaining how to tell the difference between good science and pseudoscience. In doing so, use at least two examples from print or other media that you think make good examples of “pseudoscience.” Be sure to provide in your written answer an explanation for why you believe the two to be examples of pseudoscience (using the principles you’ve seen above). You may be able to find some useful examples to get you started by going to: Also, explain in your answer what “greenwash” refers to.

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