Describe pollution in asthma. of the role molecule Research the is Structurally related Sucrose Citrate” and how to glucose, lactose andWhat is the main use of plasmid vectors?

2) Can this plasmid vector replicate inside an E. coli host cell? Briefly Explain.

3) You are a researcher at a biotechnology company. You have discovered a gene for a protein that may aid in weight loss. The protein is called ‘letuseatcake’ and it is 1.9 kb.

a) Explain how the pBR322 plasmid can be used to produce genetically modified bacteria that contain this gene.

b) Describe how E. coli colonies/cells containing the recombinant plasmids are selected.

4) Assuming the inserted gene is 1.9 kb, how would you test whether you have cloned the correct gene size into the plasmid?

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