What is an advantage of a pedigree chart as a model of inheritance?

2. Describe at least one limitation with these models. (punnett square and pedigree charts)

3. An individual who shows the dominant phenotype but has one copy of the recessive trait in their
genotype is called a carrier.
A. What genotype for the enzyme that synthesizes melanin indicates a carrier?

B. From the Punnett square on page 11.4, what is the probability that the children will be

4. The Punnett square for two heterozygous Aa parents predicts that, on average, one quarter of the
children will be albino. Why aren’t one quarter of the students in Jacksonville albino?

5. When an allele is dominant, does that mean it is present at a higher frequency in a population?
Explain your reasoning.

6. Why can’t you determine your exact genotype if you have a bent little finger?

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