Comparison between Flora of Northern and Southern region of CyprusWhat type of synthetic library can be generated in the presence of a biological target?What mechanism transports the largest portion of oxygen around the body? Select one O a Oxygen is transported as bicarbonate after reacting with water to form carbonic acid O b. Oxygen is transported in solution dissolved in blood plasma O c Oxygen is carried bound to plasma proteins O d. Oxygen is bound to hemoglobin within red blood cells Which of the following is the site of secretion of intrinsic factor? Select one: O a Rectum Ob Colon O c Duodenum Od lleum o e stomach The rate of diffusion of a particle across a membrane will increase if Select one: O a. The lipid solubility of the particle increases b. The concentration gradient of the particle decreases c. The size of the particle increases d. The thickness of the membrane increases e. The area of the membrane decreases

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