What is the adaptive advantage of having two spinal curves in a biped? 15. What are the “Lactoli Footprints” and why are they important for discussion of hominin evolution? 16. Although A. afarensis had bipedal adaptations, what postcranial evidence suggests Australop- ithecines may have spent some of their time in the trees? 17. What is a sagittal crest, and what is its function? 18. What is the significance of having a “flexed” cranial base instead of a “flat” cranial base? 19. Examine the P. boisei skull in the image addendum or your lab manual. Notice: 1) the very large molar teeth, 2) very wide zygomatic flare and 3) presence of a sagittal crest. What do these three features together tell us about the dietary habits of these early hominins (what were they eating)? 20. What major environmental changes occurred during the Pliocene Epoch that substantially impacted the ecology of hominin habitats (thereby influencing hominin evolution during this time

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