WhatDiscuss proto-oncogenes, oncogenes and tumour suppressors. In your discussion include: • their definitions • the various genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that can convert proto-oncogenes to oncogenes giving examples how genetic and epigenetic changes affect tumour suppressors is the Biosafety Level (BSL) of a diagnostics testing laboratory handling patient samples for testing for SARS-CoV-2 virus? A B. 2 C. D. ? ?? ??? ? 2. A How many lenses are below the stage of a Brightfield microscope? A 1 ?. 3 C. 5 E. vo 3. Using a 20x objective, 13 ocular units of an ocular micrometer line up with 780 microns (78 units each are 10 microns in length) of the stage micrometer. What is the length of one ocular unit (in microns)? A 12 B. 24 C. 32 D. 60 With a Brightfield microscope, what is the theoretical limit of resolution lin nm) when using 600 nanometer light, when a 100X objective with a NA of 1.25, and a condenser with a numerical aperture of 1.25? A. 200 B. 240 C. 280 D. 300

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