How may the following interpretation be reported? “Chromosome analysis revealed two cell lines present. Sixteen number of cells of 20 cells examined showed an abnormal male complement with an extra chromosome 13. In four cells, a normal male chromosome complement was observed.” A. 46,XY[4]/47,XY,+13[16] B. 47,XY,+13[16]/46,XY[4] C. 46,XY,+13[16]/46,XY[4] D. 47,XY,+13[20]/46,XY[4] How should the designation 46,XY,1(2)(5)(p12q31) be correctly reported? A. 46,XY,t(2,5)(p12;q31) B. 47,XY,t(2)(5)(p12q31) C. 46,XY,t(25)(p12;q31) D. 45,XY,t(2,5)(p12;q31) The designation 46,XY,t(4;11)(221;q23)[4]/46,XY[16] indicates A. A possible hematological malignancy B. A single autosomal structural defect C. Two autosomes involved in a numerical defect D. Two cell lines from two different patientsDescribe the formation and function of the counter current multiplier in the nephron.

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