Discuss the differences between an industrial economy and a network economy What aspects are the same, and what are very different. Please give at least 2 examples of each.

2. ROE: what does this represent (in plain terms)? In what range would this number typically be What type of person gamma/pos would monitor this number (what is their role /title)?

3. A service business is considering a large project that could have considerable benefits. What Risks should be considered before the project is started? (list 3) Can Information Systems help lower the risk or mitigate it? Give 2 examples of this.

4. Why do some organizations take on high-risk projects or customers? (think banks or collection agencies) What benefit is there in doing this if the chances of failure are high ?

5. Consider the airline industry where the competitors are fierce for business. Thinking of Porter’s “Rivalry among Existing rs^ prime prime how have the airline companies used Information systems to combat competition and increase revenue? Give 3 examples with justification.

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