What is a possible parent rock for the metamorphic rock GNEISS? dolostone basalt quartz sandstone granite 2. Identify the parent rock LIMESTONE below 3. Select the choice that correctly represents the parent rock and it’s metamorphic equivalent Parent rock basalt, Metamorphic equivalent: amphibolite Parent rock: limestone, Metamorphic equivalent grey slate Parent rock sandstone; Metamorphic Equivalent: marble Parent rock: bituminous coal; Metamorphic equivalent: amphibolite 4. Which parent rock below exhibits fissility? peology 5. What is the metamorphic equivalent of the parent rock below? anthracite amphibolite serpentinite hornfels 6. What is the metamorphic equivalent of the parent rock shown below? anthracite amphibole quartzite garnet phyllite 7. Select the metamorphic rock type(s) that can form when siltstone undergoes varying degrees of metamorphism grey slate phyllite marble hornfels mica schist quartzite 8. Select the biochemical sedimentary parent rock shown below. 9. Select the minerals that comprise the parent rock shown below: quartz, feldspars potassium feldspar, quartz, biotite potassium feldspar, pyroxene, quartz and biotite calcite 10. Now that we have studied the three basic rock types, which rock type do you think is the most difficult to identify: igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic? Why?

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