What is the difference between the focus and the epicenter of an earthquake? The focus is where the earthquake originales, and is located above rectly 2. The P-wave travels faster than the 5-wave. How is this used in determining the distance of an earthquake’s epicenter from a seismic station? 3. Why must circles be drawn around seismic stations to locate the epicenter of the earthquake? Since P-waves are foster thans-waves, Pwaves will always be anead. The difference in the time it takes for cach wave to reach a Scismic Station helps us determine the earthquakes epicenter. to determine whee the circes intersect, which helps Circies must be drawn around seismic Stations in order locate the epicenter of the Earthquake. of an earthquake? Explain your reasoning The minimum number or seismic stations is three. a minimum of 3 is used in order to get the most accurate location for the epicenter. 5. Discuss at least 4 sources of error in your procedure that might decrease the accuracy of your location of the epicenter.

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