Assignment type description:
Individual Case Analysis (1500 words +/- 10% excluding appendices, tables and references).
The purpose of this assignment is to assess your capacity to draw on theory and reputable data to critically discuss the effective management of a multinational corporation. Students apply critical thinking and problem solving in assessing theory and business data of firm management and performance. They effectively communicate in writing a compelling case
analysis supported the relevant data and literature.

Assessment Criteria:

1. Knowledge and comprehension of key characteristics of the value chain.
2. Critical analysis of the value chain and value chain and identification of what management might need to do to secure the long term success of the firm.
3. Communication of case analysis is presented in a logical and well organized manner as per
the case analysis task.
4. WritingGeneral–language and grammar and referencing.

Case overview:

Case Overview – This individual assignment is intended to give you an opportunity to apply some key concepts from this course to a real world context. Specifically, you are required to read the case ‘The ABB PBS Joint Venture in Operation’ (located in Short Loans Online) and discuss the problems and opportunities experienced by AAB PBS from the perspective of the management of its value chain. You must conclude your analysis with a discussion of the actions you perceive AAB PBS management should undertake in order to secure the long term success of the company.


1. “Course Outline.pdf ” The description of this assignment is on page 3-4, Assignment 1-Individual Case Study Analysis.

2. ” Case Study Analysis – Assesment Instructions.pdf ” Please read this before you start to write this paper.

3. ” Individual Assignment 1 Report Format.pdf ” This is the format of this assignment. Please completely follow this structure.

4. ” Assignment 1 Value Chain Creation.pptx ” This is let you to understand what is Value Chain, which is going to be used in this assignment.

5. “ THE ABB PBS JOINT VENTURE IN OPERATION.doc ” is the case study of this assignment.

Others are lecture notes, also which are very important and should be cited.

Thank you .Case

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